Bradley NRF
Student Association

Mentor Advisory Panel

At Bradley University we recognize that one of our most valuable resources exists outside the classroom. Partnering with individuals and organizations who want to participate in Mentor roles benefits all involved.

Through the Mentor Advisory Panel, Students gain access to industry professionals from  a wide diversity of retailing and retail related areas. Mentors bring with them their own unique and rich histories and experiences in their chosen career paths. 

The direct interface between mentors and Bradley faculty and staff provides crucial insights that allow faculty to design and refine curriculum tailored to providing students the experiences and skill sets most in demand. Mentors collaboration with Bradley University's expert faculty provides access to valuable consulting, research and training resources.

Participating mentors benefit from an exchange of ideas, energy, and creativity that comes through engagement with bright and talented students. The Panel affords industry leaders access today to the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Ready to lend your expertise and insights to the Bradley NRFSA Mentor Advisory Panel and take education beyond the classroom? Contact contact Sibylle LaHood (Bradley NRFSA Faculty Advisor) at


The Bradley NRF Student Association connects students to retail industry resources

and engages them in experiences that build skills needed for successful careers in retail.