Partnership Opportunities with the Bradley NRF Student Association

Partnerships with Retail Organizations, Community Leaders, and

Bradley Alumni are key to the success of our Association.

Bradley University's Marketing and Retail Curriculum is designed to engage students in academic and integrative industry experiences to enhance their understanding of the retail industry and prepare them for successful careers and leadership roles in retail.

Through the initiative of the Bradley University Marketing Department at the Foster College of Business, Bradley University became a University Member of the NRF (National Retail Federation),  the largest retail trade association in the world. This partnership with the NRF and student participation in Bradley's NRF Student Association, provides our talented students interested in retail careers with unique educational and scholarship programs, networking opportunities and access to the latest industry news and research.

Fall 2016 is the inaugural semester for the Bradley NRF Student Association. Sibylle LaHood, Instructor of Marketing, serves as Faculty Advisor to the Bradley NRFSA.  However, it is the students who will be the main architects of the Association. The dedicated, enthusiastic, and talented founding student members of the Bradley NRFSA are committed to their task. For these students to get the most benefit from their experience with the Association they will need to directly engage in relationships with Retail Organizations, Community Leaders, and Bradley Alumni.

Taking a partnership role with the Bradley NRF Student Association gives students opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals and access to resources and experiences that cannot come from a textbook. Businesses and individuals can partner with the Bradley NRFSA in many ways:

What do Organizations and Individuals who Partner with Bradley NRF Student Association gain? The opportunity to get energized by interaction with the next generation of leaders. exchange knowledge, and create ideas in a dynamic environment at one of the leading campuses for business. The Bradley NRF Student Association is housed in the Foster College of Business at Bradley.

For more information or to get involved now, contact Sibylle LaHood at or by phone at (309) 677 -2265.

Bradley NRF
Student Association


The Bradley NRF Student Association connects students to retail industry resources

and engages them in experiences that build skills needed for successful careers in retail.